Monday, 1 April 2013

Life's deep questions

Answers to life's deepest questions on the new blog Why How Deep.


David said...

In this question you affirm:
Time came to exist as a consequence of cognition.

I will assume that Space and Time are a duality in the sense that they make up the whole of reality.

From this assumption :

Space can also be felt and measured just like time so I can just as easily affirm: Space came to exist as a consequence of cognition.

This is called a Special Pleading

I can do just the same claim as you but instead of Time I can talk of space and my argument will be just as valid since we are using the same source : cognition.

From this I can just as easily conclude using the same justification as yours that space is the result of human cognition therefore there has always been time.

As you can see my claim is as weak as your therefore you cannot assume what you just assumed.

To finish this you also have some sort of different definition of infinity because you keep claiming that in infinity there can be no hierarchy (in other posts) and as well as this one ("it is not suited for infinity"). Please do clarify what is your definition of infinity because there ARE infinite hierarchies like a semi-line or an infinite series.

If you would like to reply : d a g a d b m AT g m a i l d o t c o m (remove the spaces)

Ta-Wan said...

hello. you can post comments on the "why how deep" blog by first clicking a post title.