Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Daily Cup of Tao

Welcome to Daily Cup of Tao a side project from TAO WOW.

This blog will have one short post per day (starting 12:00 1st Dec 2009).

There will be no more posts here after the end of November 2010.

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Wabi wan kenobi said...

Stop stalling I'm getting thirsty!

Ta-Wan said...

Some words that fell off a monkeys paw coming to a computer monitor near you soon.

Doug McMillan said...

Stop waffling and get this Tea shop open for Tao's sake ;-)

Ta-Wan said...

Doug, Based on what we were saying elsewhere: Maybe people only have trouble meditating as they try with front brain to calm front brain - what they must do is shift attention to mid brain, heart of solar plexus and the calm meditation automatically kicks in, breathing slows and peace enters.

This fits the non-forcing non-doing ideal too.

Shinzen Nelson also recently spoke of a similar idea.

Doug McMillan said...

Indeed Ta-Wan, that is my experience . . one has to literally experience a shift.

Meditation in my experience requires one to be an observer of the thinking principle and in the beginning that can be hard for people to do. Their 'attention' gets sucked back into thinking and often people become confused because they struggle to tell the thinker and the awareness apart.

I recommend locking in the attention into what is often referred to as the third eye region between the eyebrows, before dropping the attention down into the solar plexus, which the seat of pure sensational-vibrational energy.

At this point one would switch between the two; the third eye and the solar plexus and allow the two to become one sensational state of stillness; this requires time and patience for most people.

Eventually the mind becomes still, and reaches a point of equilibrium, balance and harmony, out of which Joy naturally blooms and blossoms in the heart region.

As you say, there is nothing forced during this process, it is all about awareness . . .

. . not long before our next cup of Tao together!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the new blog. Well done. Great idea, I'll stop by regularly..