Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A grain of truth

One grain of salt and you know it is salt.

One grain of sugar and you know it is sugar.

Drowning in consciousness, yet so few can taste it.

It is;

You! Awareness! the infinite universe! boundless in creativity and possibility,

Thinking about salt and sugar.


Doug McMillan said...

Ahhh, a refreshing cup of Tao . . .

. . . but consciousness simply 'is'. It has been said that to label it is not to know it or to 'be' it and yet I label it also; why do we label that which simply 'is'?

We label it because words are all we have with which to point our finger to that greater 'reality-truth-integrity' we have come to recognize within.

May I have honey, rather than sugar, in my tea please Ta-Wan?