Monday, 15 March 2010

Open up

Stand proud, hold your values, as scribed in steel in a vault.

No one will ever warm to you and your heart will dry up.


Open to the wisdom that is always true, simple oneness.

That way, receptive and open, you are never without.


Shinzen said...

You must be some kind of damn bleeding heart liberal...hahahha...great post Ta-Wan. (when I read your post I took on the persona of my right-wing conservative brother-in-law for a moment...I gotta stop shapeshifting...LOL!!!)

Again, one heck of a good cup of tao.

tawan said...

haha bloody monks

Shinzen said...

Thanks for putting up with the way, we prefer 'bloody deranged monks'...hands palm to palm :-)

C. Om said...

A closed fist can't receive gifts.

(LOL @ Shinzen)