Saturday, 13 March 2010

That is settled

Water is always at water level, a persons legs go from ground to hip.

Tea tastes of tea and smells do not enter the ear.

When there is work to do, you can complain, you can rejoice.

Either way, when it is done, it is done.

Did thinking ever change a thing?

It was always going to be this way.


tawan said...

Do you Americans use the word 'bum' for your posterior, behind, bottom, rear end, ass?

Shinzen said... bum for Americans. A bum is a hobo, homeless person, etc.

Good post...things are as they are whether we like it or not. Life is beyond our likes or dislike.

breeze said...

many in the land of chunder down under do, too. (australia/van diemens land, oz etc)Bum for arse- yes. Maybe Tao (daily cup of) is *not* in America. Maybe is.

C. Om said...

yeah, here in the states, LOL...if you are not really homeless but dress in poor quality clothing, your associates might describe you as a "bum-ass muthafucka".

LOL. sorry, I couldn't resist :-)

tawan said...

I need a globally recognized word to replace 'bum'. Suggestions?

"a persons legs go from floor to _____"

breeze said...

Damn! you beat me to it! Just copied that ready to past and whaddaya know? Bummer!

breeze said...

and, Tawan...
rear end
booty! Bo-o-o-oooooty