Monday, 19 April 2010

Dream World

When few lived on Earth the reality was said to be more dreamlike, less solid. (Aboriginal and Shamanistic dream-world/states).
With billions reaffirming the World every moment it is said to be quite real. (Reality, for may something to fear and be controlled by).

One is born and later she asks how the world can just be a dream as it seems so real.
Later in life she sees how we all share this dream that we all live within.
It has grown in solidity as the collective reaffirm it and the memories of the mind itself are the trees and the buildings.

Sleeping she witnesses a new world, but no one shares this one with her, so on waking, it vanishes. For a time it was just as real.
She sees how her mind can give rise to worlds and people so she accepts how a greater mind can give rise to the world and many people of whom she is one.

As a part of the dream and a dreamer she senses a state of sleep in her mind and realises bliss.

Truth is that we are the world, we are the universe and we are the root. We can look out at the manifest dream world or in at the source. They are one. One illusory conceived, one apperceiving.


Shinzen said...

I enjoyed this. I've been inundated with shamanistic 'messages' lately, from books to people showing up in my life. Your post is another one of those synchronistic events. Thanks.

Rizal Affif said...

My, it's a unique post of yours, and I like it a lot. It makes the perspective that this world is yet another dream, makes sense.

Of course. We are all co-creators, co-constructors of this so-called reality.

Deep bow, Tawan... another crystal-clear post I'll remember :)