Monday, 5 April 2010



Pity those with too much as they have walked the wrong way and blocked the path back.




Ta Wan said...

As you may know these posts were written well in advance of now and so some of them even surprise me when they pop up.

Sometime last November and into December I 'scheduled' many posts and they have been arriving here daily since then.

Reading this one today I thought how it sounds like a section of "The Life of Brian" by Monty Python! Strange style to it.

Anyway after considering the post for a minute I realized there is something to it. The idea being that those with the trappings of wealth or power or so on are as removed from seeing truth as those who starve and have nothing, probably much further in fact. As having so much materially they never once get the chance, the inclination, the gumption to really check what life is truly about.

How can they know the truth of being when they are wrapped in layers of garbage? It may take a great fall or loss before they glimpse truth.

Doug McMillan said...

Nice post, interesting follow up comment, and I know exactly what you mean Ta Wan.

There was a time when my perception was running along similar lines, but having met a couple of people who have everything (and never did not have everything, but maybe thought they didn't), who are now liberated, well, I now realise that it can be, and is, different for each of us.

The two individuals I'm speaking of are Tony Parsons and Suzanne Foxton. I have links to both of them on my 1yogi2many blog. Tony was wealthy, had a business as well, wasn't lacking, but also had a burning desire to realize truth. Suzanne was not without wealth but lacked happiness in that she was depressed and at time s suicidal. It seems though, that we have to reach some kind of 'low point', not necessarily relating to wealth, that brings about that moment of liberation.

I went through poverty only to discover I didn't need to , ha, ha ;-)

Rizal Affif said...

Wrong way? Which way? :D

@ Doug: I have the same conclusion. One needs to fall and shatter before he realizes liberation :)

Ta Wan said...

Perhaps this:

The path is the path, not right or wrong. But it takes some event to point the path from there to here.

So we are right to say that riches mask truth as long as we are aware of the dual nature of language.

We can say someone has or has not got the truth.

We can also dissect that and say how it is a false and dual statement.

What happens is that the message is correct but the language makes it dual, and by appearance, wrong.


Bloody words :D

I am Shinzen said...

Nice points I have to chime in and muck this up too.

I see the path as the path...the 'wrong' way is the 'right' way as it helps us see what we are doing needs to change.

And, yes, it does block the way back...and this good...once the mind 'expands' it can't return to original shape.

Whether we have riches or is the attachment to the riches, or state of mind that we are poor, that binds us. I have put more legs on the snake...LOL!

Ta Wan said...

haha this little snake got so out of hand. Now he needs to buy shoes.

Ta Wan said...

In Doug's example the two wealthy people appeared to have too much, in the material sense, but were truly lacking in the spiritual sense - and so this imbalance lead them to look for and find the truth.

Doug McMillan said...

. . . great stuff, I love you guys; unconditionally :-)