Thursday, 8 July 2010


No action, such as trying to become 'not the doer', trying to achieve oneness, attempting meditation, doing yoga, is in itself useful and it can even be detrimental.

These actions are only of use when the result is unity.

More likely they occur when unity is already the case:

"Ah, this is it! I sit!"

and not:

"I must sit and act what I am not."


Shinzen said...

I see it that the 'doer' must become exhausted and used up...then everything gets 'done' easily and naturally. Good post Ta Wan.

Ta Wan said...

Yes and also those who set out to improve themselves when the true self can not be improved upon. All they do is inflate the ego self importance.

The little i doing yoga for unity with the All is looking past the whole truth that the All is doing them doing yoga and if they saw that then unity and magic and wonder would be present.