Friday, 1 October 2010

Getting to the real subject

Everyone can see that if there were no subjective ego self then there would be no world to see.

By the same logic, and some people instinctively know this to be true, but many will not see it: If there were no true self, there would be no world at all, no people, no stars, no universe, no potential for anything.

You may easily see that you are an ego self who on dying will no longer see the world.

You may be one of the few who know their true self to be the only self, the one that was here before the mind, the world and the body.


The Crow said...

A baby is born.
It has no developed ego.
Yet it finds its mother's breast, and from this sucks milk.
It would seem that the mother, her breast, and her milk, exist, with no intervention by the baby's ego.

Ta Wan said...

The self is all of this. Individuals and their roles are conceptual.