Monday, 18 October 2010

Monk speaks on time

Monk. “There is only now, the past and present can only be thought about in the now and don’t exist by themselves.”

Master. “You see this how?”

Monk. “I see that past and present only have a relative, mentally constructed, reality built from the ‘Now’ and that is all there is…”

Master. “Quiet you fool. Your “Now” only has a ‘relative, mentally constructed, reality’ to your definition of past and present; so exists not for I. I know no past or present because I know no now, I am. Remember who “You” are? You referred to yourself as “I” but I see you were not speaking from the true ‘I perspective’, but from yours as a dumb ‘I the separate independent entity’; seeing not that there is, and can be, no separate entities; or that there is no such “independent thing” anywhere, anyhow; equally like your ideas of “past, future and now” do not exist! How can you waste your “time” to seek to ask who that unreal, “mentally constructed I,” is? Don’t forget that the I that you seek is unknown to you yet, don’t waste time on that you think that you know. That poor dumb I you are seeking to force into your own concepts of, what must be, a false idea of enlightenment also, is the wrong way down the wrong path, useful to you only as I will now tell you this... To see the real I you will have no interest in your ‘mental constructs’. All you have to do is; stop asking questions, ever again!, There is nothing but that which is, and it can be no other way and that is final.

Never mention your stupid ideas of “past and future, or Now”, again.

Bring me tea at 5. Leave me Now.”


David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

They both need a poke in the eye (I)!!!

The Crow said...

That's the spirit, Dave :)
Directness trumps the thousand words.

Ta Wan said...

Koan the barbarian.

Doug '1Yogi2Many' McMillan said...

Wow, that was one sharp stick he prodded him, um, me with! Thanks....I think, err, no I don't...think I mean, help!