Monday, 17 May 2010


When desire opposes the situation then conflict appears.

When conflict comes and you feel the need to act, it is better to draw to the root and use your infinite being to neutralize the situation. Allow it to pass.

As reacting just passes the event on to another, perhaps to many, you'd be better to be wise and strong here, than depend on another to neutralize it later.

The only thing you can alter about the world is your attitude towards it.

The only thing you can change is the way you see it.


M said...

Waiting is most difficult thing, this post on "conflict" is great to ponder on over and over.

Ta Wan said...

I had a slip at work today. I was at peace, I was doing my work, smiling, happy and saying to myself over and over, this is now, this is now...

Then the slip occurred, my desire was to do my work and the conflict was that 3 others needed my help. Of course this new situation was the new now, this was the way it was, and I did help, but they were so demanding and I had to work so hard to help them all that I became a little jaded.

Although that new now was now, my desire was for another now, and of course that wont help, now is this now and only that. But I was trapped by desire all the same.

Still, I did not complain and it passed.

Ooops, just complained now, but, purely for illustration ;)