Saturday, 15 May 2010

sitting by the lake, book closed

Spiritual works are a pass time for the spiritually minded. And not something to try to emulate.


As any doing or trying is no good. It sets you apart. However, reading and reading until your own habitual thoughts move naturally into line with the spiritual guides - then you can walk freely.


Anonymous said...

just by the first line:
"sitting by the lake, book closed",

it reminds me of practice and knowledge. Sitting by the lake is an opportunity to stop and become receptive like the body of water; books, philosophies can only go so far.
Now it's time to become empty.

Ta Wan said...

Yes another important point that links here. You can read 100 spiritual books and not improve one bit. It is the practice that is required.

Are you the same Anonymous who has commented before? Maybe you can use some sort of name so I can keep track. Even if it is just a letter.


Ta Wan said...

No act can bring about change. No one can do anything to bring about awakening.

So it is the non-doing, book closed, times that produce results.