Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mind is much more than that bundle of thoughts

Going by roughly what we think we know: The earth and inhabitants have changed many times over some thousands of years, people have been born, died, been great, been humble, been slaughtered and given love. The sun seems so active as to change rapidly, like a furnace or jet of fire making huge gulps and burps, specs on its surface enough to swallow planets. In all of that time, if anyone took a moment to look at the moon, it was the same: Peacefully and usefully reflecting light into the night.

The moon like a lake, serving in stillness, the sun enormous and raging. Space itself has held all of this. And beyond that, who can guess? Even if your mind, a tiny part of this greater mind, seems turbid and active, just consider the stillness of the moon and all of space.

When the river is active we don't try to stop it, we can sit by the lake. When the sun is too hot we don't stand and shout at it, we take shelter. When the mind is raging, we don't provide it with new activity or attempt to contain or pacify it, we just draw to the root and let it be.

Don't fight fire with fire, don't fight Yang with Yang.

Yin Yang.