Friday, 25 June 2010

Spirit Water

The spiritual cloud thinks itself superior to the falling rain but it wishes to be vast and unbroken like the ocean.

The cloud weeps as it tumbles to the Earth as droplets.

Plants animals and rivers make use of the fallen rain. The rain takes these new forms and sees the clouds over head.

As a plant the rain wishes for the cloud to turn to rain. Also as duck and as fish.

Once used, the rain is released from the animals and the rivers it makes its way to become the ocean.

Now it feels lost in the oceans depths. The ocean holds onto the rain for years but also allows gallons to evaporate from its surface to become clouds again.

The Ocean sees itself as master as it draws the rivers and produces clouds.

Lost in its self importance the ocean fails to see how it is used by all to cleanse their waste. The ocean is always in turmoil with tides and waves.

A clear lake to the East enjoys its separateness and its stillness. Soon though, as no river draws it to the ocean, the clear lake becomes stagnant.

Some rain in the sea remembers how when it was rain it washed away dirt, cleansed the land and fed the animals. It sees how the great ocean is a big cesspit of other peoples cast-offs and wonders why the cloud desires to be the ocean and weeps when it becomes rain. Some rain decides that the cloud is inferior and feels happier in an Earthly incarnation.

The clouds superior, the rain cleansing, the lake so still, the ocean so vast.

Which is better?

It is all just water. Alone they are nothing, in cycle they never stop giving.