Saturday, 5 June 2010

My name?

I see a lady over there. Just a lady passing by.
She comes over and introduces an ego. She says;
“Hi, you saw my body floating by but I am Ego called Name.
What is your Ego Name?” She enquires.
I stand silent.
She says; “My Ego Name does Job, What Job does your Ego Name do?”
I stand silent, but a thought occurs.
“I am not drawn to say a Name, I am the universe, acting, undivided. I do not Do a thing.”


Shinzen said...

Great food for thought and reflection...thanks Ta Wan.

My wife just asked me what I was doing today...and I said 'not a thing!'

I don't think she got it cause I got a scowl...LOL!

Ta Wan said...

hahaha :D