Tuesday, 17 August 2010

100 years he asked

He said:

I will set my clock to wake me in 100 years time. I will meditate so deeply that I will not take food, no water and barely one breath. As my body is so still I will age less than one day in all of this time.

The world around me and my clock will go for 100 years of motion and during this time I will do not one thing but meditate on this one question: "Who is meditating?" - When my clock calls me round I will announce my first words for 100 years and they shall be the answer to this one question.

After 100 years he said:

No one is meditating! In 100 years I have meditated and dedicated myself to this quest, I have delved I have persisted, and I have found, for sure, that no one is meditating. I must conclude with my fresh and un-aged mind that: If no one was meditating, then there was no meditation and that - this is one.


Doug McMillan said...

Truly wonderful, and very creative Ta-Wan! So good to read... :-)

KillerQueen said...

I don't get this one :(.

Ta Wan said...

Your'e probably using a mind you don't have to think out a question that was never set to understand something on behalf of a self that is not.

When you meditate, who is doing you?

KillerQueen said...

Oh yes I get it! Beautiful. I love your blog btw, I've been following it since I discovered it. You always put things so eloquently.