Monday, 2 August 2010


In the place were a very gregarious guy, a fun and flirtatious girl, a young quiet boy and a new guy. 

As the outgoing couple got on with their tasks and chatted and played, the young boy and the new guy were much quieter.

Later the young boy asked the quiet guy how he could adapt himself to be outgoing like the cool couple.

The new quiet man said: Under these masks they have much complexity but under all four of us is pure emptiness.

That emptiness would scare them and so they project a façade. Much better to be true and empty.


Egemen said...

This is much different than most of your posts. You've always promoted the thought pattern: everything just is the way it is and the way it is meant to be. don't judge it by good or bad, or any other label, just live it and go with the flow. follow your heart and smile along the way.

at least this is the message i always got from most of your posts (the ones i could, or think i could, understand lol).

in this one, its almost as if the gregarious guy and the flirtatious girl are doing something wrong. as if they're less than the other two because of the way they are. i mean, just by calling them gregarious and flirtatious, you've labeled them, and in a way judged them.

someone else could have looked at the same situation and saw this picture: the first guy and the girl just let more love into their hearts and were willing to share more of the love, while the other young guy is too worried about how he might be perceived by others, and in turn is quiet (and the root cause of this might be that hes not letting enough love into his heart). and the new guy has no place in this group or in any other group passing judgments about others or himself.

what this new guy calls a mask, can easily be called a lack of a mask.

what do you think?

Ta Wan said...

The young boy is asking how to adapt himself, to alter to not being himself. The reassurance is that he is best to remain himself.

If you note the ego projection of people it is an outward mask to protect the inner incompleteness.

Egemen said...

I agree with you, the boy shouldn't attempt to change himself, but he should rather try to fill the emptiness he feels inside (the same emptiness that makes him want to change himself).

But perhaps the 'outgoing' couple is outgoing, not because the incompleteness or emptiness scares them, but rather because they have filled some of that emptiness with love.

Could it not be possible that happy and outgoing people (at least some of them) are that way because they have less fear in their hearts?

Ta Wan said...

There is nothing wrong with the outgoing couple. The issue is the boy wishing to change himself :)

Read emptiness here, not as an incompleteness but as the pure untouched perfection at the root of all being.

~Ta Wan (at work)

Egemen said...

Thanks for the replies :)