Friday, 20 August 2010

What is your favourite colour?

No colour, as from this there is the possibility of all colour. If my favourite colour was blue, then everything was blue, it may as well be grey, how dull. Magic is that there is so much colour and variation is the music.

What is your favourite mood, should we strive to be happy always? You'd guess so but let's look at colour.

Further, there is no mood or colour in the self and so no one to suffer sadness or welcome happiness. When we have an absence of all distinctions, when we have said I am not this, not this, not that aspect, not that thought, not this thinker, not this .....

When we have extinguished all, I am not that, this, that, this, then we are just ".."

Held here, not conceptualized, is the state of states. The canvas for which colour shall bedazzle.


The Wayward Yogi said...

Yes, I am everything and nothing baby, that's what I am! Um, well I just thought I'd agree with you on this finely written post! I am all colours and moods arising ...

... and yet I am that through which they arise. So true that when we have extinguished all, then we are just ".."