Monday, 20 September 2010

Beyond your pleasures and pains

Many may claim sexual union as the height of pleasure, some may claim a drug high, a union with God, ... Tao, the self, is beyond.

Some may claim a day at the lake as peace, harmony with friends, a full belly, a loving relationship, ... Tao, the self, is beyond. 

As these things have levels of heightened feeling or quality, they sit in a medium, that of mind, and also contain opposites, those of separation, loss, impermanence, pain, suffering.

Tao, the self, has no dual nature: contains all and so surpasses all that you may crave in the world of mind.


David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Excellent post...'true life' is beyond pleasure/pain, loss/profit, any type of duality. Attachement to either side keeps us trapped in a delusional trance of a real self. Hands palm to palm.

The Wayward Yogi-Poet said...

Lovely, Tao is nothing being everything all at once! For me it was the realization of that 'point of equilibrium' between all opposite polarities that brought about a shift into the simple beingness of 'Tao'.