Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Science takes a fixed thing and tells you what will happen when another fixed thing happens to it. They take one sub atomic particle and over fixed times, distances and settings, they become giddy over fixed results.

We exist in an infinite interactions by their standards, the result of this experiment is living, life, being!

Thankfully science burst through to a point where the results became unpredictable and from these works a more spiritual perspective was born, one of interrelations and one that demonstrated the influence of observer. Heisenberg even took the Tai Chi as his coat of arms. Still though the observers have fixed ways, so the results are dulled.

Show me the equation: x = Being and I will be happy to show interest. Until then, I will be happy being and let the equation be infinity unfolding.


The Crow said...

Quantum Physics may yet be the undoing of science.
Talk of "God Particles" is amusing.
Wait until they discover that every particle is a "God Particle"!

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

We are truly infinite beings living with finite senses...or so we are told.

I see today's science as tomorrow's voodoo.

Knowledge is fashionable, wisdom is timeless.

Good one, TaWan.

Ta Wan said...

Shinzen you say "We are infinite beingS" plural.

If I am an infinite being, and you are an infinite being... do we have 2xinfinity?

We are infinity being! Not beings :D

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

lmao...excellent point TaWan. Thank you.