Sunday, 19 September 2010


What can you find for me that exists with no anti?

Can you bring me some matter and not bring space?

Can you tell me of consciousness without an idea of unconsciousness?

Can you describe love and not compare it to hate?

All of these are shapes of the mind.

Only Tao, this true self, is such that it has no anti, no opposite, no other.

Is the Tao lonely? Alone to who. It has no second, no not.

Is the Tao vast? No as it is small. Mind games!

This is why truth is undeniable. Beyond mind, beyond duality, it can not be denied as YOU ARE, you can not deny being. You can say "One day I will die" and this is true, that body you wear now will die. The self though, Tao, exists before time.


Ta Wan said...

This is not that you live after death as that is a mind game too.

It is to say that the body, world, memories, time and mind come and go.

Tao does not pre-exist your birth or live after your death - it simply 'is' and these concepts emerge by themselves.