Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Selfish ways

Is wanting inner peace selfish?

Absolutely not, it is directed in exactly the right way as those who want the world to be at peace are truly the selfish ones. They hope that once the world is at peace then they can rest, but this is no good! The inner seeker has it right. The inward looking finds peace at their root, they find then that they are this root and can drop false identification with the old ego-self and the supposedly troubled world. In this way the world does become perfect.


The Crow said...

This is very true, and so obvious that few realize it.
I live on an island, surrounded by "Peace Activists", who hate anybody who does not support their efforts.

Engaging in unnecessary conflict is not a very good way to achieve world peace.
If one is unable to deal with one's own neighbors, what chance is there for a wider peace?

Anonymous said...

Agree. Well said