Monday, 27 September 2010

Solid proof

As you can see all of the change and commotion in the world around you. Does that not give you concrete proof that you are the serene, pure, still potential of it all?


The Crow said...

Not really.
It suggests I might be mad.
The world reinforces this view.

Being serene seems only to lead to wherever it was that Lao Tzu and many other sages went off to.

The world seems quite content to carry on without them. Or me. Or you.

Not that it matters much, anyway.

Ta Wan said...

Wrong you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

The Crow said...

Wrong me?
Sages do tend to wander away and become hermits.
The ones that don't tend to end up crucified.

Not that it matters much?
Lao Tzu asks: "Do you think the world is perfect?"
Implying, perhaps, that whatever you or I may think, that it is the way it is. And as it should be.

I may indeed be wrong.
But if that is so, then how?

Ta Wan said...

It is pointed out repeatedly that people associate with the wrong I.

This post points you to the true I.

The Crow said...

I see your point.
But if the person does not choose your true "I", are they wrong?
Their "I" is what they know, when they know it.
"I" is modified by experience and wisdom.
All are valid, as wisdom is a journey.
You are right.
You are also wrong.
As am I.

Thank you for your reply.