Tuesday, 16 November 2010

discount to see the best in the world

At many times the language used will appear to say you must discount the world. This is both necessary and unfortunate. It is necessary as language is limited and there is a desire to encourage the seeker to go beyond the mind, it is often necessary to seem to discount the world.

It is unfortunate however as the world is just this, it is a wonder and a delight, your playground; so it is unfortunate that the seeker is asked to discount it at times, but as said, necessary.

All false has root in the true. False comes and goes and changes, so is false, truth is ever the same. So the world, seen as is, is a delight and even though it fits the definition of the false due to its transience, it is rooted in truth. When it is seen from truth, it is magical.

So the efforts to discount it have high value.