Saturday, 27 November 2010

Your path i to I

All wisdom and all answers are within you. In the end it is you who decides that something fits or does not. At times things may not appear to fit and may appear false, at times the opposite, and in both cases the situation can flip: seemingly useless becomes perfect wisdom, perfect ideas can also crumble.

Around the time your body was born, it was given a name. You know you can change your name, you are not the name. You are also not the body. That was a construct. You are the self alone. I am. The mind is the tool you used for most of your life. On seeing it limited as it is you took to looking behind the veil and looking with no mind brought about its own issues.

Now you have seen yourself. A body in space and a mind in time are your instruments. Life is your ocean. Conciousness is your space and Awareness is your universe self.