Tuesday, 9 November 2010


The cup does not intimately know air, yet the air intimately knows the cup, not one area of the cup is untouched.

Air takes the form of every vessel it sits in or surrounds, yet is still air, not form.

The air is in the shape of the cup but is not a cup.

What use though is the cup with no space for air?

Awareness knows all. Nothing can point to awareness but awareness.


The Fool said...

air know only surface of thing.
cup know what fill cup.
maybe both know nothing.
maybe both just are.

Ta Wan said...

The post was really about awareness not about air or cups.

The Fool said...

ta wan funny:)
make fool laugh!

human know only surface of life.
aware human know what fill life.
maybe all human know what human know.
maybe just see different?

Ta Wan said...

It is useful to see the cup as your mind and air as awareness.