Wednesday, 10 November 2010

your creation shines bright

You made the universe from your ideas.

It is your creation.

Why is it full of problems?

Well, it is not, but your universe contains problems because they are in your mind.

It will take time to be absent of problems in mind, but when you are, so too, your universe will shine perfectly.


the fool said...

lao tzu said this.
"do you think the world is perfect?"

i didn't understand it for a long time.
but i resisted doing what many do:
to explain what it means, without understanding it.

yes. as usual lao tzu was right.

Ta Wan said...

Do you think the world is perfect?

Absent of thought, it is perfect - can you say that this being is not perfection itself?

Lost in thought, the world can seem imperfect - this just shows the imperfection of the mind.