Monday, 4 January 2010

Can I explain?

Right there when you are within,
unapparent when you try to hold on;
Do not let another attempt to explain,
their moving lips are admission its gone.


Doug McMillan said...

Um, can you explain this one to me please Ta-Wan? Perhaps you could spare me a moment . . ;-)

Ta-Wan said...

Truth is there when you are not trying, just be-ing.

Attempting to be or attempting to hold on is reseparation from true self to i-separate.

As truth can not be put into words, anyone expounding truth in words can be seen to be not speaking the full truth.

It can only be recognised and not then passed on in words.

"He who speaks..." does not know.

"The Tao that can be told..." is not.

Ta-Wan said...

What a minute! (or another imaginary unit of imaginary conceptual stuff)

You were joking! Right?

You asked me to explain... and the whole point is, we can't :D


Oh well, my answer stands for anyone who wants to see some words...

Doug McMillan said...

Er, yes I was being somewhat ironic . . . sorry, but i enjoyed the detailed explanation as always ;-)