Sunday, 24 January 2010

What guide you?

Guided by the groin they live in endless lustful seeking.

Those guided by the belly suffer unhealthy short days.

Those who take the heart for guide are some of the best people we know, but may often follow false whims and suffer these.

Guided by the mind are the most dangerous; thinking they are right, letting ego dictate ideas, wants and needs. Our common man.

Only they who have the empty cap, the guide in the crown of the head, can truly be seen as balanced. This spiritual perspective is the one who rules them all. No other guide can lead astray when this master has the helm.


This crown may also be felt in the heart, but not the physical heart.


Rizal Affif said...

"Crown" chakra, eh?

Is "crown" felt in the heart means heart chakra then?

Ta-Wan said...

Without getting too wordy I tried to distinguish between the two hearts.

So not the physical bumpedtybumpbump one.

The Crow said...

Heart meaning emotion?
Emotion is a death trap.
On the surface, these people display virtue.
At the core, these are the most unstable and dangerous people of all.
Emotion is the hardest of all things to recognize and leave behind.

Ta-Wan said...

Another way to put it!

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, both psychological and emotional deaths are required before one simply 'is'.

Ta-Wan said...

Heart as in center not heart as in heart.