Sunday, 17 January 2010

Oooo I look good.

Ego and Body are presented to the world so seem important to present well.

Yet what is the world but an image of the true self?

You think the true self is interested by the show of the ego, a well held lotus position or a nice tan.

Edited and removed question mark to show rhetorical nature of question


The Rambling Taoist said...

If it's the lotus position or a nice tan, I'm in BIG trouble. :D

Ta-Wan said...

hehe, well.. None of the above. Of course a rhetorical question as you know :D

There is no way to impress the true self. Any efforts are to enhance separation.

Imagine the wisest of the wise with the answer to everything looking out and saying: "ok, I got it" No greater fool would exist.

Doug McMillan said...

Rhetorically well put Ta-Wan . . that's why I'm a wayward yogi; my lotus position used to be inverted but it is now of no importance :)

Rizal Affif said...

Damn I look good.

Damn it doesn't mean anything :p

Shinzen said...

So true...reminds me of Zen Master Bankei. In most zen temples if you fell asleep during zazen you were reprimanded...Bankei would do no such thing saying we are no less a Buddha whether we are awake or asleep.