Monday, 11 January 2010


Nothing has to go,
just give everything up;
Bound to nothing,
you have a full cup.


Shinzen said...

Tasteee yum!

Rizal Affif said...

Thaaanks :D

The Crow said...

That cup looks half-empty!

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, this is so!

To the positive thinker the cup is half-full, but in 'thinking' so, they create a negative thinker who thinks the cup is half-empty. In reality the cup simply 'is'!

The cup is in equilibrium ;-)

Shinzen said...

There's a cup?

The Crow said...

The cup is definitely half-empty.
But that does not mean it is not half full.
There is no positive or negative.
Until one judges the cup.
Or the tea drinker.

The cup could easily hold more.
It could also hold even less.

The tea drinker might desire more tea, or find what is there to be sufficient.

Doug McMillan said...

There's Tea?

In that case . . the Tea simply 'is'!


Ta-Wan said...

The can of worms was full.

Shinzen said...

LOL!!! Your site is so much fun and filled with great people. I think we all love worms!

Doug McMillan said...

Did they wriggle :)