Tuesday, 19 January 2010

impossible to be responsible

You have to be carefree, you have to live and laugh!

How can you be responsible for anything? Let's see...


Who are you to be responsible?

..I? ..Me?

If I is an idea, an aspect, how can we attach responsibility to it? Only with more ideas.

If contrastingly, and more wisely, we take I as reality, the all, how can we attach responsibility to it?

Neither way can we attach responsibility to the self whether we see self as this abstraction or as the whole.

Jump in the puddle, be fascinated by our trillion forms, detach from the actor, live, love and laugh at the show.


Rizal Affif said...

Yes!!! Let's blow houses to pieces, I cannot be responsible anyway :D :D :D

Ta-Wan said...

You blow yourself away.

Shinzen said...

A very good cup of Tao today...I needed its refreshing essence...Thanks...now off to watch the show!