Monday, 18 January 2010


What is the true-self?

Who are you?

Can both be entirely answered with the same word?



Rizal Affif said...

Or "Tao", or "Infinite Being", or anything else, countless name to choose for. But no word can ever truly grasp, eh?

Ta-Wan said...

Yes it does not matter which label we choose, and no-label is also completely valid, maybe more so. Awareness is non-dual just as Tao or infinity. It is just such an alive idea and nothing could Be without it.

There is no opposite to awareness. It seems that awareness is all there can be, it is primordial, and it is infinite - it is all we are.

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, interesting post again Ta-Wan.

In the early years of my self-realization, the teachers I had taught that the word 'consciousness' best reflected the truth of the matter, (although words are only pointers), and that awareness is an extension of consciousness. This is because consciousness is the internal state, and when consciousness enters existence through the senses it becomes awareness.

The state 'I am', Be-ing or Tao simply is (consciousness), but when it enters existence through the senses it becomes awareness.

Anyway, they are just words attempting to describe the indescribable reality . . and in my experience they tend to fall short of the mark :)

Ta-Wan said...

Words do trap and the intent behind the word is key ;D

What is peering through the senses? It must be awareness.

What knows of consciousness? The awareness is primary if you use the words in this way.

You may also move the intent around and write how consciousness is primary.

There is no difference to the truth we share :-)

Doug McMillan said...

So true! :)