Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Does the self have goals?

To have destination,
makes the journey too tough;
Be going nowhere,
here is more than enough.


Shinzen said...

Uchiyama Roshi stated, "the fool fetters himself with goals".

To set a goal is a lack of understanding that there is no place to go and there is nothing to get.

Yet...I am a fool and I love the chase...consider it 'controlled folly'....LLOL!!!

Doug McMillan said...

Ta-Wan and Uchiyama Roshi are wise! However, although 'there may be nothing new under the sun', in what 'is', nothing is wrong!

Ta-Wan said...

Well, true, all is and by that is not wrong as it is is is.

Operating from I-ego though, and attempting to form the world, is against the way of the true self. It is saying "I-ego know better than ultimate self".


Doug McMillan said...

Hey, let's not go opening up another can of worms here! ;-)

Yes, that is so, I understood the message and I don't disagree Ta-Wan . . . the I-ego knows nothing of the real 'I' . . the reality 'I am' . .

Still, my realization is that all is as it should be; regardless . . . . . . . . Otherwise it would be different; The Tao doesn't make mistakes.

When the man realizes a deep enough truth-reality-integrity of being, all that is false and is therefore no longer required, simply slips away . . .

. . . leaving only Tao/Being; the real, the living Truth, as the life lived.

That is my experience; fair enough comment?

. . or does someone want to kick the can of worms over? :)

Ta-Wan said...

Yes true indeed. For many that is still a great mystery. Too simple to grasp :)

Doug McMillan said...

Well, of course you're correct, it cannot be grasped, but it can be realised!

When we let go of the one who is attempting to 'grasp' . . what remains?

The real'I'; which is a greater reality-truth-integrity than the

Eventually, through letting go, even the real 'I' dissipates!!!

Letting go, could that be Tao simple? :)

Ta-Wan said...

I'm sure that is where I am pointing to with my posts. The explanations are like cutting open a golf ball :D

Strangely this simple truth is tough for people to arrive at and tough to explain. It is simple but does not fit conventional language or reason.

The best masters were silent and we wonder how that could be effective, but a year with silence and a year with reason.. I see now :D

"Two enlightened people decide to talk of truth. Both end out thoroughly confused!

“What chance do people have with books?” One laughs.

“Better born deaf in a field than born to a religious house” Says the other."

Doug McMillan said...

You wish to avoid kicking over the can of worms and yet I see them wriggling before me, ha, ha . .

So, I have to pick them up, but they are wriggling like crazy here, bear with me Ta-Wan :)

The Master is both silent and he speaks. He is centered in the stillness and reality of Being/Tao and speaks from there as and when necessary. On here we find words are necessary! :)

One can NOT 'talk' of truth.
Truth speaks . . there is a profound difference.

The I-ego talks; it is the thinker-talker. It communicates through likes-dislikes, attitude, beliefs and opinions.

Being/Tao speaks through the individual wo/man; the Master, and proffers Wisdom/Truth.

There is only one Master; it is being/Tao, which is realised by the man as his greater truth-reality-integrity.

Any individual who realizes being/Tao will speak from silence or silence will communicate through him.

If there is confusion it is simply that there is interference.

The confusion and interference are within the recipient! Patience is required.

Confusion and interference are not of Tao/Being, they are of the I-ego, which once transcended no longer interferes and so there is no more confusion.

Yes, of course that is what you are pointing towards in your posts, which is why we enjoy them so much.

As you know by now, I speak from where 'I Am' and appreciate the opportunity to partake.

. . some worms may have escaped :)