Sunday, 7 February 2010

Be at rest for Peace

Just stop and the world becomes natural and right.

This can be the only way.



Shinzen said...

I like this one Ta-Wan. Saturday I had to drive a few hours (had a funeral to attend) and found my 'monkey mind' chattering like crazy. I told myself to stop and just drive...feel the car, the tires on the road...and I began enjoying the birds in flight, the floating clouds and other cars as they passed by. The monkeys quieted, peace was restored.

It is the only way.

Ta-Wan said...

Zen monk at a funeral.
Monk says: "You again"

Boy arrives at temple.
Monk says: "You again"

Zen monk meets stranger.
Monk says: "You again"

Zen monk looks in the mirror.
Monk says: "Mu again"