Monday, 1 February 2010


"Oh I don't understand this"

"How can humans do that?"

"I just don't see why" ... ... ...


It is not your job to see why.

Is Is Is

This is the self expression of the ultimate - it is infinite, of course you don't understand.

But stand back and stop being that abstraction you call I. Take a minute to see that you are the infinite itself, expressing itself - and blow your mind.


Rizal Affif said...

I told my best friend that "why" does not matter. It just is.

He said I oversimplify and does not understand.


Shinzen said...

If you understand, things are as they are.

If you don't understand, things are as they are.

My mind has been blown!!!!!!YOwzA!

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, very true, but surrendering to what 'is' is difficult for the conditioned personality to grasp ;-)

C. Om said...

-"Just for the experience. That's it.
It's just a game.
It's just a play.
It's just a ride.
It's a fuckin blast!"

surjit said...

Yes,our habit of 'judgement' takes us to chaos....
Thanks for sharing great insights.
God bless.