Friday, 12 February 2010

Solid Foundations

That something (call it a universe or any other name) has come about and produced forms, some of which feel separate and the various emotions, you can only feel a deep compassion. Most of all to yourself, as you too are as illusory conceived as the rest.

Any negative must be put aside as to attempt to form a better way whilst being a suffering part can neither benefit you or the whole.

Never make a choice whilst sad. All decisions must arise from happiness and so the future will be based on this.

Sad: Separate. Happy: True being whole.


Shinzen said...


Rizal Affif said...

... and never make choice based on fear, and the need of avoidance.

By the way, as bits of illusions are falling, more emotions become aliens to me--yet I also become more aware of other's emotions.

Ah, another paradox.

The Crow said...

Emotions are the very things that hinder us.
Minimize emotions, and being is maximized.