Tuesday, 16 February 2010

practice IS perfection

Whatever you did to get you to truth, you must now maintain that practice to keep it.

You, did nothing. 


Will Elliott said...

Though I'm no daoist, I really like your stuff dude.

-p0rksh3d from #!

Ta-Wan said...

Daoism or any ism is for idiots :D

Thanks for visiting.

Rizal Affif said...

It's the maintaining that's truly the challenge :p

Ta-Wan said...

Who maintains?


Are you Vishnu?

It maintains by itself ;D

Our job (not that we have one) is to allow, and not take the pressure of doing, what is already done.

Om shanti.

Doug '1Yogi2Many' McMillan said...

Now Ta-Wan, that is the truth, I thank you.

'I' did nothing because there was no 'I' in the first place, apart from the illusion of 'I' of course . . . ;-)