Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bliss Is


It is enough to accept that all is bliss and that anything else is a misinterpretation.




surjit said...

I fully agree.

Doug McMillan said...

Is it? Is all bliss, or is all equilibrium, out of which bliss bubbles up? Hey, I'm just asking the question, nothing more . . . :-)

Shinzen said...

Sweet cup of tao this bliss.

Ta-Wan said...

Equilibrium between what for who Doug?

Doug McMillan said...

Ha, ha, a very good question indeed Ta-Wan.

I could go into that, but then we might enter into another debate . . . it is enough for me to say that I understand why some people say that all is bliss and that anything else is misinterpretation . . I experience this state myself . . but it is my experience that when one transcends the polarities of the mind one enters a state of 'Pure and Clear Perception', and Joy-Love-Bliss emanate from this state of Clarity.

Being/Tao is, first and foremost, a Natural State of Clarity, I am this Clarity and the bliss that comes with it; but that is just my own experience. :-)