Thursday, 17 December 2009

Drawn in

She drew the light of the world into her eyes, closed them to trap it, then quickly dropped the world into her heart where it vanished.



Ta-Wan said...

...the idea of leadership is such a stupid human idea isn't it?

...everyone needs a leader or a savior instead of just being..

Rizal Affif said...

So... ultimately, no-thing, eh?

I had a big laugh reading your own comment that leadership is a stupid idea. Now I realize I am not alone :D

Ta-Wan said...

I'm not really sure what this post means - if anything.

I just thought it and typed it.

Doug McMillan said...

You don't know what it means Ta-Wan? Then what hope do the rest of us poor mortals have? ;-)

Yes, the realization of 'being' is the end of any need for external leadership, the life is directed from within :)

Ta-Wan said...

Well she draws the world in and into her heart to show that...

...really the world is born in the heart and projected outwards.

Shinzen said... is so nice to know someone else doesn't know what their writing is about either...I am still playing with spinning mice.