Saturday, 12 December 2009


Fast asleep the two men are equal.
Dreaming now, one is rich and one has nightmares.
Awake now one is a street dweller and one a business man.
Come the evening, one is singing and one is drowning in guilt and stress.
Fast asleep again, they are equal.



The Rambling Taoist said...

We're each equal in birth, death and sleep...but NOT on the golf course.

Doug McMillan said...

Consciousness underlies everything. Take away Every 'Thing' and what remains? Consciousness. Consciousness is the great equalizer . . . but the word is NOT the thing ;-)

Shinzen said...

When my kids whine that life is not fair I tell them it is...we all 'die'. The great equalizer...good post.

Rizal Affif said...

@ The Rambling Taoist: That is very fresh :D :D :D

In sleep, death, and birth, we are all equal... because we are One and the same :)

C. Om said...

Indeed! In choosing a perspective with which to color our consciousness, we apparently remove the equality.

I love this discussion everyone!

Ta-Wan said...

Both men are always equal. Nothing real changes between sleep, wake and dream.

Constant through birth, wake, dream, sleep, death is the true self - but in waking state the dream we share is so convincing that the business man will punish himself for failure and the drunk will celebrate the stars in the sky.

Never were they anything but the true, equal, self.