Friday, 18 December 2009

Zen Dog

I scratched my dogs belly and she grinned.

I walked away and she looked for a second, put her head down and slept.

I picked up her lead and she stood alert to walk.

This is a Master of Tao, spontaneous, non-attached. With a hairy suit, cute eyes and bad breath.


Kitty Parmley Cunningham said...


Rizal Affif said...


I might post "The Tao Cat" myself! :p

Doug McMillan said...

An interesting summary of a Taoist!

My cat is definitely a Yogi, you should see some of the postures she manages to entwine her body into . . . . eye watering!

Shinzen said...

More like Dogzhen :)

Ta-Wan said...

I wondered once if animals have buddha mind or not, like that koan that ends Mu!.

Doug McMillan said...

Animals? Consciousness without reflection or self-awareness . . the pineal gland having not been broken by the 'light' of intelligent self-reflection . .

Matter + Life + Consciousness + Self-Awareness = Mankind!

C. Om said...

I feel the same about my dog. :-)