Saturday, 19 December 2009

A polite kick in the face

What are you doing this work on? Who are you seeking to fix?

Anyone working, seeking, has not yet recognised the true self.

And once recognized, they see, it required nothing from them!

Harsh words maybe? Not at all, the most compassionate!


Rizal Affif said...

To me, true self required recognition and realization :p

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, Once recognized I did see; it required nothing from me! But re-cognition was the key and there is that paradox again . . one has to go through this self-realization process only to realize there was no one to fix!

Ta-Wan said...

a kick in the false face and real blood

a kick in the original face and laughter

Doug McMillan said...

Ha, ha . . yes indeed! Thanks Ta-Wan :)

Shinzen said...

The greatest compassion we can give out sometimes is a good smack across the head...the intent of the smack is important.

C. Om said...

Tough love is love all the same.