Monday, 21 December 2009

Who died?

The body rots.

The memories of you that are left behind with others, fade.

Yet you live on.

Not the body, not the mind, you were, before birth, through life and after, only ever the same. A case of mistaken identity took place and an association with body and mind resulted.

Realise who you were always and will always be. See how you can not die.


Doug McMillan said...

Ah . . beautiful. . . yes, the realization that what I am is immortal!

The body is a shell, a wonderful instrument through which each of us can experience existence but it is not 'I'.

The Thinking/conditioned Mind is the real illusion in my experience. We grow up attached to our physical form, and the thinking mind, and by the time we reach adulthood we are completely possessed by the illusion that what we see in the mirror and the voice we hear in the head is 'me', but it is not, for it can all be observed and transcended.

What is left after the transcendent experience? The greater truth, reality and integrity of be-ing; that which is beyond description and beyond mental knowing, but not beyond experiencing :)

Ta-Wan said...

Thanks DougI :)