Saturday, 26 December 2009

Fake o'clock

Now only exists as an idea because you already have the ideas of past and future.

Do anything in the past or the future and you can prove them real.

If you can not do anything in the past or the future they are false, just ideas.

So if now is based on things that are false then now is also false, an idea.

Who experiences now? Who experiences this false idea?

Can't be real either! So what is?

Only this.



Riza\ said...

Haha, it's the reason I used the term "The Flow", or "the moment", instead of "now".

And you've just showed me it is not even enough :D :D :D

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, very interesting . . it has me looking at your words Ta-Wan and realizing the subtle difference between the now and what I call presence or present moment awareness, hmmm. I also call it simply be-ing; being in the moment, which seems to me to be a timelessness . . . or 'The Flow'.

When I am being in this moment, which I am, there is nothing but this moment . . . there is no holding onto the last moment and no hunger for the next . . .

You still have me looking at it!

Seems to me that Riza summed it up very well indeed :)

Shinzen said...

Just this! Just this!

The Crow said...

Ideas are doing
The instant preceding ideas is not-doing.