Sunday, 13 December 2009

You will be peaceful !!

A group of pacifists wish to bring about their idea of peace.

When challenged on the contradiction they forced a smile.



Ta-Wan said...

Maybe no one gets this one..

It is about forcing. To force peace is not peace.

Doug McMillan said...

(Hand waiving frantically in the air)I got it Ta-Wan, I just wasn't around to see it . . now don't bother me again . . ;-)

Ta-Wan said...

Ok Doug.

I have to note in your class report that you were absent from lessons but still seem to know the answers to the meaning of life.

C. Om said...

^That goes double for me right? lol

But I got you though, for real.

If you, "wish to bring about peace," then you already missed the whole concept. Peace is always there and only needs to be given attention to be experienced ;-)

Ta-Wan said...

true dat