Thursday, 31 December 2009



You, correctly realised, will outlive the Earth, Sun, Universe.




Rizal Affif said...

You are the Earth, Sun, Universe.


Ta-Wan said...

and that beyond :)

Doug McMillan said...

Gee . . now I'm confused!!

My perception of the Sun is that it is a mighty 'being' in its own right but that it is simultaneously one with all; meaning that its being-ness manifests as a singularity in the space time continuum but that, like each of us, its source is nothingness . . . there is no separation except as a concept of the conditioned thinking mind.

Now, seeing as there is only one source, out of which all manifests, how can I outlive anything else?


Ta-Wan said...

Well, yes, we can get lost in words, which is why I try to keep them short :)

And as short as they are Rizal likes to flip the coin :D

Doug, hmm, I know you know ! You are the one source! The sun will outlive the Doug. The one source will outlive all manifest things, including time itself.

So, correctly realized (as the one source) we outlive all that is manifest..

Shinzen said...

Oh, come on guys! There is no earth, no sun, no you, no universe...all that really is is...and then not even that :-)

Have a Happy New Year!

Doug McMillan said...

Who knows?

Happy New Year to all of you ;-)

Ta-Wan said...

Words Words Words...

....Off with his mind :D

Shinzen said...

Yes, with his mind! LOL!

Fun posting to end the year...Thanks.
Looking forward to more fun in 2010.

Doug McMillan said...

Well I have a mind to lose my mind . . . . . after all, it is 'about time' I did! Oops, another play on words . . I'll be in even more trouble if I'm not careful!

Shinzen, as you said 'Yes, with his mind! LOL!' I was looking at the way you wield that sword . . GULP!!

Ta-Wan thanks for putting this great blog together and for the 'wordy' banter that ensues,

The Crow said...

You will not outlive anything.
Nor will anything outlive you.
That would be competition.
And competition is illusion.